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Artifact: Ethical Needs Analysis

Description: For this artifact, a needs analysis was completed regarding the ethical implications of the client using video during training sessions. The client, Alliance for Better Nonprofits(ABN), has multiple training events throughout the year. These events are great for businesses located close to Knoxville but difficult for more rural communities to take advantage of. Our group worked collaboratively to complete the analysis and present a report and recommendations to the client.


Rationale: The design challenge was to create actionable recommendations for a company that trains other nonprofits on how to operate a not-for-profit entity. We were a group of four and quickly communicated our expectations for how to collaborate successfully. My primary role was to build the initial schedule, conduct the client interview, offer personal expertise regarding legal release information for on-camera appearances for the client, and technical discussion with the client during our presentation. As a group we worked in a google document, each contributing to different sections. We reviewed one another’s work throughout the process to maintain accountability.



This artifact was created in my Professional Ethics in Instructional Technology IT 525 course with Dr. Moore. It was created with the assistance of my teammates Cyndel Wyrick, Khosi Lunga, and Mike Johnson


Standard 1: Content Knowledge

Standard 2: Content Pedagogy

Standard 4: Professional Knowledge and Skills

Download or view the analysis here:

View the presentation below.

Ethical Needs Analysis full PDF Report

Artifact: Usability Test of a Web Authoring Tool.

Description: This artifact is a usability test. The assignment was to ask 2-3 users to follow a specific set of tasks built by our team while we watch, record, and analyze their experience. We chose Wix web authoring tool.


Rationale: This was a collaboration between myself and two other classmates. We were tasked with observing the usability of a web authoring tool. My role was as a project manager to coordinate tests and report on each user. A working document was used as our collaboration tool. We used it to log experiences, link to critical files, and write our final report. In this project, I coordinated the student users, recorded their interactions with the chosen tool, and reported the findings back to the team with notes and a pre/post survey from the user.  As we each wrote the final document as a team, the formatting and final polish were handled by my colleagues. 



This artifact was created in my Introduction to Instructional Design and Technology as a Profession course, IT521 with Dr. Howard. It was created with the assistance of my teammates Trudi Newbeck and Mike Johnson. 


Standard 4: Professional Knowledge and Skills

Standard 5: Research

View the collaborative document here.

View or download the final report here.

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