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I’m a student in the University of Tennessee IT Online program. This is a work in progress so please scroll down or click the links on the left to navigate to my resume, professional statement and instructional design artifacts. If you need more information or have questions, please email me.


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August 2019 - Present

Adjunct Faculty, CCI

-The University of Tennessee

I'm an adjunct instructor for the College of Communication and Information's school of Journalism and Electronic Media. The course, JREM 336, is an intermediate video production class. I'm the only instructor for this course that has created an in-depth online learning experience connecting the in-class and online spaces to begin bridging a universal design model.

January 2016 - Present

Technology Coordinator, Office of Student Media

-The University of Tennessee

I serve as a technology coordinator for the office of student media but also an advisor to the various student media outlets. This includes training and advising 12 leadership students on various media operations as well as working with with upwards of 70 students each semester. My duties also include managing office technology operations and video equipment.

June 2007 - December 2015

Director of Operations

-Jupiter Entertainment

As director of operations I oversaw multiple phases of the television production process. My staff scheduled shows for filming, set up field production units, and completed the post production process. During my time at Jupiter I converted them to a file based video workflow with multiple redundant backups and introduced cost savings measures totalling over $100,000.


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Professional Statement

Updated, November 13, 2019

Through my career I've been a learner first and a teacher at heart. My early technology focused positions have helped me learn while teaching staff members and that inspired me to continue guiding my career on a path related to education.

My higher level leadership position has prepared me to work under hard deadlines while managing staff members with different backgrounds, experiences, and expectations.

Working in Student Media has given me the opportunity to not only mange students but assist them in their learning experience. This position isn't an academic one but it helps me work with students while really understand their ability to learn and operate in a real world media technology environment.


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Program of Study




IT 521

- Proseminar 1: Instructional technology as a profession




IT 525

- Professional Ethics in Instructional Tech


( 04 )

Learning Environments, JREM 336 Canvas course design

(download here)


JREM 336 is an in-person course for the College of Communication and Information. I was provided a past syllabus and my goal was to create a new syllabus with an online learning environment for student to guide through the course, review assignment requirements, and turn in individual and group assignments.


This artifact displays my understanding of planning course content based on required objectives. Through the use of technology I was able to design a more universal learning space.

AECT Standards

Standard 1: Content Knowledge

Standard 3: Learning Environments

Multimedia for Learning, Usability Test Screen Capture

(Download here)


In IT521 we were assigned to design, and proctor a usability test for a web authoring tool. While proctoring the test we needed to use multimedia tools to log and track individual task completion and actions of the user. To track this, we used a screen recording tool that also displayed user clicks while recording the audio from the user.


This artifact displays my ability to use technology in various ways. Whether it's in a learning environment to track a user's actions or to document and share something happening on-screen. My technological skillset is adaptable and ever-growing.

AECT Standards

Standard 3: Learning Environments

Standard 4: Professional Knowledge and Skills

Collaboration, Usability Testing

(Download the full report here)


This was an assignment to work with a team of 2-3 colleagues to design a usability test for a web authoring tool. We chose Wix as our authoring tool. The project required effective communication and collaboration with group members. The group developed a list of tasks for the user and synthesized the information for a final report.


Collaborating with a group isn't hard but effectively collaborating is very difficult when adding in geographic limitations. Our group never met in person but we regularly communicated through email, worked through a shared google doc, and coordinated zoom meetings when necessary.

AECT Standards

Standard 2: Content Pedagogy

Standard 4: Professional Knowledge and Skills

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